Protecting the Grove

Grove_Generic_004 At the turn of the 20th Century, the Bohemian Club – a social organization founded in San Francisco to promote the arts and cultural pursuits – acquired a former logging property near the town of Monte Rio. This 2,700-acre forest came to be known as the Bohemian Grove, a rustic retreat where members of the Bohemian Club could escape the cares of daily life and celebrate the extraordinary flora and fauna to be found on the property.


Over the past century, the Grove has been carefully managed with the aim of restoring this forest to more of its pre-settlement condition. Timber harvesting has been used selectively while old growth trees have been protected and thousands of new trees have been planted.


Grove_Generic_006 Now, after decades of restoration efforts, the Bohemian Grove is as healthy as it has ever been, with tree inventories up and a conservation easement in place to preserve old growth stands in perpetuity. The Club is now seeking a Non-industrial Timber Management Plan to manage the property for the long term. A targeted timber harvest plan is proposed to relieve overcrowding of young growth trees and provide better spacing for the development of larger redwood trees. Additionally, there are an estimated 25,000 dead trees in the forest which along with crowded conditions are creating a high fire danger.


On this site, you will find news, information and updates about our plans. The site is intended only to provide information about the Bohemian Grove and forest restoration on the property.